Canada Vs. Australia

When I moved overseas from Canada to Australia, I thought life would be pretty much the same but with considerably warmer weather. Both Nationalities are known to have pretty similar traits. We’re both considered to be easy going, considerate, happy go lucky people. While that is all true and I had no problems adjusting to the way of life here down under, I couldn’t help but notice quite a few funny little differences in everyday life. I find it to be quite hilarious that I’ve lived my whole life thinking cheddar cheese is SUPPOSED to be orange. News flash: It’s most definitely not. It’s dyed orange in North America and the reasoning behind it? Well you can wiki that one if you like. But as I meet and talk to new people here in Melbourne, I’m discovering new things every day about this wonderful country I now call home. While I do love my new life here in Australia, there are still a handful of things I truly miss about my home and native land.

When October and November roll around and the weather is starting to warm up here in Australia, I know the leaves are changing colour back home and that crisp chill is in filling the air. Everyone is in a frenzy buying candy and costumes, gearing up for Halloween. No Halloween in Australia. Then Thanksgiving comes around and it's another holiday not celebrated here. So this time of year I'm really missing home.

Or maybe I'm just obsessed with these cute white pumpkins?

Another thing I truly miss about the Northern hemisphere is Christmas time in winter. When I talk to friends and family on the phone in December, they always express severe jealousy when I tell them it's a balmy 38 degrees (celcius), but it just doesn't feel like Christmas! As soon as Boxing Day comes and goes, I'm ready for the sun again though.

I just love curling up around a fire all wrapped up in blankets with a good movie and cup of tea or hot chocolate.

Australian’s don’t seem to have the same obsession as North Americans when it comes to the chocolate/peanut butter combination. I have yet to come across a chocolate bar containing this heavenly duo. They don’t even stock peanut butter m&m’s here! So I stock up whenever I trek home north of the equator or when my parents so kindly send me a care package.

Now onto a few things I absolutely love about Australia besides the weather. One of my favorite discoveries is this amazingly delicious spread called vegemite. At first glance it looks like a decadent dark chocolate spread, but taste it and you'll find it's actually very salty and slightly bitter. The spread is made from used brewers' yeast extract (by product of beer making) It's best spread lightly on buttered toast after a night of drinking. It curbs that craving for something greasy and will help prevent you from giving into the urge to scarf down some fast food.

I'm also loving the accent, this clip from the movie, "Funny People" says it all.

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