I decided I needed to document this occasion - my first indoor plant (my succulents don't count - they get outside time to soak up some sunlight and get fresh air every once in a while)  Now I can look back on this post and compare it's current state to this photo in order make sure I'm not  s l o w l y  killing it.

I managed to get this one at $105 because it was a fraction smaller than the $189 plant.  Score!  (still bloody expensive though)

So, it's not as big and leafy as I thought it would be.  But it'll get there.  Hopefully.

PS - Gotta love how Luna's doggy ears make it into all my photos somehow.


THE Ultimate House Plant

These big beauties are hard to come by in Melbourne.  So I was ecstatic when Nate found a nursery near our home that is getting a few in stock tomorrow. This thing is going to change the whole look and feel of our living room.  I just love it's large scale and umbrella-tree-esque leaves. 

I'm really hoping it's as easy to care for as the internet claims.  Because at $189, I can't afford to keep replacing it!

images:  1/2/3/4/5


Black Rice...AKA Forbidden Rice

Have you ever in your life heard of black rice?  As far as I can tell, not many people have.  Not until the day Nate nonchalantly plucked it from the super market shelves and dropped it into our shopping trolley had I known there was such a thing.  Until that day, I had never come across it in a recipe book, on Pinterest, nor on one of the many food blogs I frequently visit.  And now I am sitting here left wondering WHY?!  Why god hasn't this vibrant grain ever been laid before my eyes until now?!

It's pretty funny that I feel it's been kept a secret from me because in ancient China, it was called 'forbidden rice'.  It was completely off limits to the general public because it was considered to be the finest grain that only the Emperor could eat.  

Luckily us plebs now have access to it, because it's mighty delicious.  And dare I say it's more nutritious than brown rice?  Well, yes.  Yes my friend, it is!  It has a similar texture and nutty flavour, but it's dark colour means it's chock full of antioxidants and other good stuff.  

I've been making rice salads with different combinations of super healthy (and yummy) ingredients for work lunches.

Some of my favourite combos:

black rice
olive oil
salt flakes
lemon juice
frozen peas
mint leaves
goats cheese


black rice
olive oil
salt flakes
lime juice
coriander (cilantro)
black beans

Tip:  It's more cost effective to buy black rice at an Asian Super market.

Give it a go!


Ginger Bread Cookies

So I managed to crank these out on Christmas Eve. Funnily enough I got a Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas and it would have made making these cookies a breeze!

I know ginger bread is not everyone's favourite cookie, but these are really festive and delicious. Especially dunked in your short black coffee.

Read more for the recipe...



It's Christmas cookie season and  I think ginger snaps might taste even better in the shape of a moose.

I forgot I had these cookie cutters. These were an Ikea purchase that Nate rolled his eyes at. He thought I would NEVER use them and this weekend I'm going to prove him wrong. Ha!

This will be the first time I attempt my Grandma's short bread recipe and this little squirrel is the perfect shape for the sweet, buttery biscuit.


Backyard: Then and Now

When we first moved into our little unit, I had one look at the backyard and cringed.  It was very small. The lack of plants and trees made me sad.  There was an eyesore for a shed, and bland paving stones made up the too-small patio.  I thought it would take forever for the the trees to grow big and lush; the way a backyard should be.

I had no problem with it being so small.  I knew we could work with it and make a cozy space we loved spending time in.  Slowly we added some new greenery; an olive tree and some crawlers to the back fence.  Sooner or later everything else began to flourish.

This is what we started with 4 years ago.

And here it is today!

Last summer we decided we needed to do something more drastic.  So, we decided to build a deck, a new shed and a veggie garden.

The Progression
First up: A completely necessary 2ft extension of the patio.

The perfect chevron decking boards.

Nice Bum, where ya from?

Who is this man I married?  Doctor / Handyman extraordinaire!

There is nothing like being able to grab fresh veggies and herbs from the garden.

Long, sunny afternoons are spent here. And so are chilly evenings in front of a warm outdoor fire. This tiny space has now become an extension of our home.


Another solid, really HEAVY pine dresser.  I really love this piece, it has so much going for it.  Beautiful framed in drawers, detail around the top and base, and some great little feet.


This Eames chair. Is. Finally. Mine.

And yes, it's AUTHENTIC!

I was apprehensive about taking the leap and purchasing my most favourite chair ever. Every which way you look, there's a fake Eames chair on showroom floors with a very attractive price tag. It was tempting but I chose to stick it out and wait until I could afford the real deal. I have an immense amount of respect for these designers and I won't support people ripping off beautiful, timeless designs.

I also bought three side chairs for the dining table. I actually ended up waiting about 16 weeks for them to show up on my door step because in true Kristin fashion, I HAD to have the walnut and they weren't quite available in Australia yet.

There's a documentary about the husband & wife design team, and it looks like a good watch; Eames: The Architect and the Painter.


Song of the Summer

I know spring has hardly even started, but I can already tell this song will be on repeat at my house all summer long. The Lumineers have the kind of music videos that make you want to throw it all away and join a band. Even despite a complete lack of musical ability. I can play a tambourine?

There's just something about a folksy band with gals and guys singing together.
I'm also loving bands, Of Monsters and Men and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - who I happen to be seeing in October! They are opening for Mumford & Sons and I have never been more excited to see an opening act before.


Pine is Fine

Pine is probably the most common timber that makes up simple, inexpensive furniture. Pieces made of pine are great to work with because they are solid, sturdy, and their simplified esthetic makes for a really versatile piece. Practically a blank canvas.

Needless to say, this kind of furniture is quite easy to find on Ebay or Gumtree; even brand new pieces can be given a facelift for a very small price. At $199, Ikea's TARVA is the perfect candidate!
Just changing out the handles makes the world of a difference, and sometimes it's all that's needed.

And how fun is this ombre effect - can obviously be done in any colour combo.

The possibilities are endless, but with my little pine dresser, I chose to stick to my tried and true. Here's the obligatory 'before' image. A little blurry. whoops.

This piece is nice because not only are there two drawers on the top to break it up and add a little more interest, but the bottom drawer is a tad taller than the others. I love this! Okay, not really that exciting, but at least it's not totally boring, right? (PS - picked up this one for $30!!!)

first & second images via Ikea
third image via poppytalk


I'm in love...

With a city called New York! I adored everything about the city and already can't wait to go back.

Chelsea Market
Highline park
Greenwich Village
The Lion King on Broadway
Yankees Game
ALL the food
Sunset Sail on the Hudson
View from the top of the Rock
Flat Iron & Chrysler Buildings
Whole foods/Trader Joe's
Anthropologie (everywhere!?!)

See? Lots of highlights and nothing I didn't like. Even the bad things, I loved because they were just SO New York. Like walking up 4 stories to our studio apartment after a long day in some of the hottest weather I've ever experienced? Loved it because I felt like such a local. Yup, I'm a complete dork, but it was so much fun.