Ragged Birch

With a background in interior design and experience in residential and commercial furniture design, I naturally find myself immersed in creative projects at work and home alike. It all started when I noticed an abundance of hideous furniture sitting on roadside curbs, hanging out on Ebay, and begging to be purchased on gumtree.com. Since I'm a firm believer in living as greenly as we possibly can..., I decided I would do my part and save the world one piece of ugly, outdated furniture at a time.

When I first lay eyes on an old piece of furniture that's seen better days, I can look past it all and envision it in it's most optimal state. I just can't wait to breathe new life into this piece that nobody else seems to want. To be a Ragged Birch candidate, all that's required is good bones and little bit of character. I don't let scratches, dents, or broken hinges stand in my way. Usually all it takes is a fresh coat of paint and some shiny, new handles to achieve an incredible transformation.
I usually like to reveal a bit of the furniture's old life with some light distressing on exposed edges and corners. It adds a different dimension and feel to the piece and brings out more character than ever before.

I find as life goes on, the desire to express myself through creative outlets and make things I can leave my mark on, only gets stronger. Along with the desire to expand my knowledge and become a more well-rounded individual. It's been an interesting learning curve and in the process I've gained some useful skills and attributes I will definitely be adding to my resume, such as, scavenger, heavy lifter, and expert Ebay-er ;)

It's only the beginning, and I have many more transformations in my archives to share here with you. This is just a part time gig, but I still manage to complete a few pieces a week {with the help of my incredible, hard working husband, of course!} So keep watch for my updates and don't hesitate to comment, as I would love to hear some feedback.

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