Black and White Done Right

For some reason I shy away from colour. Whether it be in my wardrobe or my home, I just don't usually choose bright, cheerful items to surround myself with. Some would say this is blah or boring, but I really disagree. Black and white is so chic and will never go out of style. When done right with a great mix of patterns, textures and tones, a black and white room can be a super cozy space that you never want to leave.

There are a few rules to make it work:

As previously stated: you must add a variety of patterns and textures to add interest or it will fall flat. Achieve this with layering tactile throws and cushions as well as adding a high pile rug to tie the space together.

Make it glamorous! This neutral palette gives you the license to go all out when it comes to high shine finishes, so incorporate some great metal, lucite, glass and mirror pieces if you can. These can be included in the form of elaborate glass chandeliers, shiny chrome lamps, mirrored side tables, lucite chairs, or large ornately framed artwork and mirrors. These kinds of finishes will help bounce light around the room.

Warm it up. If glam is not your thing, just add some soft, warm wood tones to add some interest by contrasting with the pale backdrop. There is nothing I love more than a black and white room made super cozy with rustic wood furnishings or flooring.

If you must, choose a few accessories with colour and make it POP! A vase filled with fresh yellow chrysanthemums, brightly hued cushions or a stack of rainbow coloured books. These items can all be easily swapped for a fresh look when you get tired, but your achromatic backdrop will stay intact and ready to welcome your new colour of choice.

In my opinion, if a room can be made spectacular with a lack of colour, then something's definitely been done right.

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