Design Favourite - Louis Ghost Chair

Ever since taking a History of Furniture course, one of my absolute favourite chair designs has been the Louis Ghost chair designed in 2002 by french product designer, Philippe Starck. Made from polycarbonate, it comes in clear, a magnitude of pale tinted shades, and opaque black and white. Clear is my first and only choice.

I love it so much because of it's sleek, modern aesthetic paired with stylings of such a classic design. Borrowing the curved shape of the arms and round back, it was based on the original Louis XV chair from the mid 18th century. It can be incorporated into nearly any interior setting. I don't see where this chair can go wrong. It's virtually invisible, but so beautiful at the same time. Love, love love.

Here, it's paired with upholstered cushions and backs. It looks nice, but I think it kind of encroaches on the original design and appeal of the chair. Sort of defeats it's purpose.

And how great does this chair look set up for a formal dinner arrangement, such as a wedding? Amazing.

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