Off to the Market

If for some reason I ever have to move away from Melbourne, the one place I will truly miss is the Queen Victoria Market. Discovered in our first few days of exploring the city, we could not believe the abundance of crisp produce, fresh meat and seafood, mouth-watering baked goods, creamy cheeses ... well, you get the picture. Even after moving further out into the burbs, we frequent this place nearly every second weekend.

We ALWAYS make a stop at Diane's Delights and get a small container stuffed full of the marinated split green olives. They are the best. The spicy hummous is also amaaaazing. I spotted some balsamic and chili kalamata olives on our last trip and am dying to try them.

The meats are seriously fresh and we never fail to stock up on at least 2 kilos of skinless chicken breasts to throw into the freezer.

After a stressful shop weaving through crowds of people, we usually get something to eat. Although the sweets are seriously tempting, we almost always pick up a borek for a mere $2.50. Spinach and feta is my usual and the hubs goes for a spicy lamb and vegetable. Can't beat it.

I think next time we might have to try a classic Aussie meat pie. These look Deeeee-licious!

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