Recent Purchases

I absolutely love online shopping, especially from shops situated in the northern hemisphere. It's most advantageous when the seasons are changing from warm to cold and vise versa. When our northern friends are trading in their knits & boots for cut-offs & flip flops, we are trying to stock up on cool weather clothing. Entirely appropriate time to check out the winter sales! I know my purchases aren't the best examples of this, but I definitely scored most of this stuff on the sale pages.

1. Urban Outfitters, We Who See Mod Wedge
2. Urban Outfitters, Cooperative Peeptoe Woven Wedge
3. Essie, Chinchilly
Essie, Mint Candy Apple
Essie, Poor Lil' Rich Girl
4. J.Crew, Lace-stripe Tissue Tee
5. J.Crew, Wool Bell Skirt (sold out, similar option in cotton)
7. Cosabella, Cutie Low Rider Thongs
6. J.Crew, Knotted Twist Bracelet (sold out, here is the necklace)
8. Cosabella, Ceylon Low Rise Thong
9. Cosabella, Ever Soft Bra

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