Remember this post? I almost forgot to reveal the finished results of my antique blackwood sideboard! This was the second piece I ever did. I haven't shown it yet because I was going to keep it, therefore, didn't get around to doing a photo shoot until I decided to sell it. Lazy, I know. Here it is:

Oh man, this one was a pain in the butt. So many problems came about while painting this guy.

When you get your hands on an older piece, it's usually pretty exciting because of all the original and unique details, like the original locks and castors on this piece. But because of their age, there can be a few unpleasant things that come along with it.

This one had thin, worn out drawer bases that needed replacing and reinforcing. It also appeared to have some kind of bug damage. I didn't get a photo that shows it, but there were hundreds of tiny holes through the wood on the side panels. They were so small that I thought a few layers of paint might fill most of them. After the first coat, I noticed the paint had turned an orangey colour and was really rough and grainy looking. I couldn't figure out what had caused it, so I sanded it down and went to put the next coat on. As I was painting, I saw a flurry of orange dust pour from the holes! This bug damage was proving to be more of a problem than I expected. So then I had to fill ALL the tiny little holes, sand again, and repaint. It all worked out in the end and I really love the outcome.

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