The Civil Wars

Lately the weather has been particularly lovely for the end of winter/start of spring. Until today, that is. It's been raining HARD on and off all day. Don't get me wrong, I love a good rain storm - specially when I can hear the pouring rain pound the pavement outside and I get to stay in bed all snuggly & warm for as long as I like. But when I have to wake up, it's practically torture! Rain = frizzy hair for me, so I'd rather avoid it.

When the weather's got me hybernating indoors, I love me some good, rainy day music.

This actually isn't even rainy day music. It's everyday music for me. I am absolutely OBSESSED with this musical duo. Make sure you check out as many of their youtube vids as possible. Their musical chemistry is utterly undeniable. It's intoxicating to watch and you just won't understand until you tune in to one of their live shows on youtube.

The Civil Wars are touring Europe with Adele at this very moment and I would give anything to go to their show in Paris. I guess I'll have to settle for these.

PS - wrote this post on a rainy a week or 2 ago...weather has actually been quite pleasant lately :)

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