when i dip, you dip, we dip

Have you ever gone a little overboard in the vegetable aisle and ended up with a fridge full of produce you know you just won't be able to consume before they start to decompose? I know I have, so when I found a couple of large, plump eggplants hanging out in the veggie drawer, I knew I had to take action! As with any vegetable in excess, making a dip is always a good idea because it's tasty, healthy and gets eaten super quick. I decided on a smoky eggplant & white bean dip, and good idea it was! I decided to follow this recipe, but almost always end up tweaking things just a little.

Instead of cooking the eggplant in the oven, I smoked it on a charcoal BBQ because you just can't beat the flavour. I followed the rest of the recipe pretty closely, but added a pinch of chipotle chilli powder to give it that extra smokiness I love in an eggplant dip. The white beans add some much needed texture and the fresh lemon juice & mint make it burst with flavour. This is definitely one for the archives.

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