Nate and I have been working on our entryway for quite some time now. Actually, let me rephrase that - we've been neglecting our entryway for a very long time now. I've always thought this part of the house was the most difficult to furnish - commonly being a long and narrow space, and to decorate because this is the space that should give your guests a sense and feel for the entire home. First impressions happen here! So our entry remained barren and empty for the longest time due to the pressure I felt to make this space encompass a reflection of our personalities.

Actually, not too long ago it served soley as a pick-up/drop-off spot for large pieces of furniture that awkwardly took up more space than was available. So when that slowed down, we decided to get to work.

We found a long, narrow 3-tier console table at Schots Home Emporium on sale. It was perfect. It had limed oak solid timber tops and a sort of industrial feel to the piece. I filled it with a bunch of books, picture frames and candles to make for an inviting entryway. Topped it off with a dish for keys and sunnies, and a wicker basket catch-all to hold things like the dog leash and other odds & ends. All I need now is a statement piece, something really colourful to put next to the tall mirror to balance things out and brighten things up...maybe a juju hat?

Then we had the task of balancing the blank wall on the other side, leading up the stairs. As mentioned before, I have been dying to get a collection of black and white photos up on the wall. I really like the look of two rows of frames randomly configured on either side of a horizontal line. Here's what I drew up in AutoCAD:

Nate and I opted for a collection of old family photos and shots from our travels. We really love the final result, it turned out exactly as we hoped.

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  1. Looks great Kristin! I love a gallery wall, it's on my to-do list - I really like how you've centred all the frames on the horizontal line :)