Pine is Fine

Pine is probably the most common timber that makes up simple, inexpensive furniture. Pieces made of pine are great to work with because they are solid, sturdy, and their simplified esthetic makes for a really versatile piece. Practically a blank canvas.

Needless to say, this kind of furniture is quite easy to find on Ebay or Gumtree; even brand new pieces can be given a facelift for a very small price. At $199, Ikea's TARVA is the perfect candidate!
Just changing out the handles makes the world of a difference, and sometimes it's all that's needed.

And how fun is this ombre effect - can obviously be done in any colour combo.

The possibilities are endless, but with my little pine dresser, I chose to stick to my tried and true. Here's the obligatory 'before' image. A little blurry. whoops.

This piece is nice because not only are there two drawers on the top to break it up and add a little more interest, but the bottom drawer is a tad taller than the others. I love this! Okay, not really that exciting, but at least it's not totally boring, right? (PS - picked up this one for $30!!!)

first & second images via Ikea
third image via poppytalk

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