THE Ultimate House Plant

These big beauties are hard to come by in Melbourne.  So I was ecstatic when Nate found a nursery near our home that is getting a few in stock tomorrow. This thing is going to change the whole look and feel of our living room.  I just love it's large scale and umbrella-tree-esque leaves. 

I'm really hoping it's as easy to care for as the internet claims.  Because at $189, I can't afford to keep replacing it!

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  1. I haven't seen one of these before - they're gorgeous!

  2. i'm newly obsessed with these! but i had no idea they're so expensive.... that's a big gamble for a girl like me who can barely keep a succulent alive!

  3. Sarah - they are probably only this expensive in Australia, along with everything else! I'm pretty sure you can pick one of these up at home depot or Ikea in your neck of the woods. For like $12.


    It's smaller, but shows that a larger one probably costs $40 max!