Saturday in Design

I attended Saturday in Design 2010 in Melbourne last August and had a GREAT time. The event is held every year alternating between Melbourne and Sydney. Not only do you get to check out the latest stylish products in the best showrooms in town, but it's a valuable networking tool for anyone in the Design industry. I learned of the day through work (Schiavello), as we were participating in the event.

My husband and I set out early in the am to try and take in most of the exhibits along Flinders lane. We started at Schiavello where we enjoyed margharitas (spiked with chilli!), a bread and cheese spread, and the launch of Schiavello's newest workplace solution - Climate.

We then moved onto Flinders lane and visited as many of the decked out venues as possible, making sure to have a complimentary drink and a bite to eat at each one! Needless to say, we got a little tipsy and ended up in the photo booth at Stylecraft with goofy get-ups consisting of sailor hats, sombreros and giant sunglasses.

Here are some photos from the day.

When we reached Hosier Lane, we took a little break to capture some shots of the current graffiti adorning the walls of the popular city laneway. I love how it's constantly changing. We both wondered if there was an expiration date on street art...I know I would be pretty upset if I spent a whole day painting something extraordinary only to find someone else painted over it the next day. There has to be some sort of graffiti etiquette, doesn't there?!

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