Chest of Drawers

Since I still haven't taken an after photo of my old blackwood beauty, I've decided to post a recent little chest of drawers that I happen to be quite proud of.

What a nightmare picking this guy up. Imagine: Apartment building in Footscray on a narrow street amongst bustling vietnamese restaurants, we're circling the block hunting for a parking spot. Finally find a park a block away, so we make our way up to the apartment only to realize we left our wallets in the car. Yes, both of us. So I had to make small talk with the owner of the dresser until Nate made his way back with the cash. He managed to find a temporary parking spot across the street, so at least we didn't have to carry furniture to the car a block away.

Anyway, it turned out pretty good and I am happy with it. You'll notice that the first 5 or so pieces that I post will all be of the same style, with the same colour paint, and having the same hardware. I have a LOT of these little pull handles, but thankfully, they're almost used up and I can start branching out a little.

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