This Saturday is supposed to be sunny and warm (for a change) and all I want to do is hang out on this amazing hammock all day and dig into my favourite design magazines. A small stack is starting to form on my dining room table and I have barely touched them. I got a subscription to Real Living as a Christmas gift and I just can't keep up! Not to mention the array of new amazing online design mags popping up what seems like nearly every week. Here are some of my faves:

Lonny mag
Adore Magazine
Rue Magazine
High Gloss Magazine
Matchbook Magazine

But to take advantage of this great weather, I am going to spend the day putting the finishing touches on 3 pieces of furniture. They need distressing and a couple of clear coats. I've got a large sideboard, a coffee table and a cute little chest of drawers - which I've painted blue! I had some left over paint from the guest room stripes and mixed it with white to create that perfect pale shade I have been dreaming of. The piece had really nice brass handles to begin with, which I am really excited to see matched with blue paint. I just think it's the perfect combination.

New furniture photos to come soon. I have a lot to post, actually. All in good time my friends, all in good time.

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