French Provincial Sideboard

A few weeks back I borrowed a van from my work and ventured out into the suburbs of Melbourne to collect multiple pieces of furniture we had purchased on gumtree and Ebay. We went to this one house to pick up a little Queen Anne style dresser and noticed this big antique sideboard sitting off to the side. The lady noticed me eyeing it and mentioned she was looking to get rid of this piece as well. Nathan and I had a closer look, and realized it would need a bit of work to get it back into shape. The drawers wouldn't even open, pieces of trim were falling off, and it just looked worse for wear. We couldn't decide whether or not it was worth effort, but for $30, we decided we couldn't walk away from this one.

We got the drawers working by rubbing some candle wax on the sides of the drawer box. Who knew?! Nate can take the credit for that genius idea. Then we fixed the decorative trim along the bottom with a bit of wood filler and glue.

I love the locks and skeleton key on the cupboard doors. They just make the piece that much more special.


  1. Gorgeous as always :) Did you see a show last night called Mary Queen of Shops? It was about a horrible interiors store completely reworking their business model to offer furniture that the owners painted etc. Such a cool idea - would love to have an actual shop! Hope to catch up soon. xx Jac

  2. Thanks Jac!
    No, I didn't see that show, but I wish I did! A shop would be so fun. Will see you very soon at your birthday drinks :)