My Mom is pretty awesome and spent a lot of time tracking down old photos and family member's names to put together a family tree. I too, am fascinated by this stuff, so I'm dying to get some of these printed and grouped together on the wall in my front entry way.

This is Asta & Ruby Rigall, on my Grandma's side. How amazing is this photo? The shadow on the wall is just perfect.

My Grandma, Ida and her sister June in their fur coats and hand warmers in the snow.

This is one of my favourites.

My Papa, Mac and Grandma, Ida. I'm loving his leather jacket and unruly hair. My Grandma looks so happy here. What a good looking couple.

Again, looking happy as can be.

My Grandma and Mom. Two amazing women together; a really special photo.

My two great aunties, my Papa's sisters Iona and Marion. They were both able to make it to my wedding and I am so grateful for that. Two incredible ladies.

My papa (on the tricycle) and his two older brothers, Donald and Jack.

My Uncle Donald and my Papa in uniform (who was in the air force).

This is my Great Uncle Jack, not really sure where this is, but it looks like something out of an old movie.

My great Uncle Donald with a pretty rad old car and his dogs.

Now those photos are all from my Mom's side, but I have a couple of incredible photos from my Dad's side too. The family used to own a Grocery shop in Vancouver back in the day, called Webster Bro's (Webster is my maiden name) So that's a pretty cool little piece of family history right there.

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