Missing In Action

I haven't posted in nearly two months and I feel quite guilty about it.

I am notorious for starting up a new project, or pasttime I feel extremely passionate about, then losing interest and moving onto the next after a short period of time. I often find myself wondering...why don't I have any real hobbies? I should really just sit down and pin point a few things to focus on, then I might actually complete something. Isn't the whole point to be able to see a finished result and feel that sense of accomplishment at the end? I feel like a Jack of all trades, but a master of Jack shit!

As I reach further into my late twenties, I've decided I've had enough with this scatter brained behavior. I've decided to focus some of my time on documenting the things that inspire me and make me feel happy. This blog allows me to do that, but I still get side tracked sometimes. I dream up new things each day that I want to learn and master, but there are too many things. The things build up in my pile of mental notes of things I want to do and I get overwhelmed, so I end up doing none of the things. It's a vicious cycle, you see.


-Learn more about photography and take more photos
-Take a Photoshop course
-Find an old bike, fix it up and ride said bike on beautiful sunny days
-Read classic books and watch more documentaries
-Take a French class
-Learn to play guitar
-Put easel to use and paint more
-Branch out with painting furniture, try mixing my own paint colours?

So there you see, the things are there, waiting for me to persue them. It's the middle of winter here though, and I'm working long hours at the office. Most of these things would be enjoyed in the summer time, when daylight hours stretch long and far, just begging to be filled with these wonderful things.

Right now, I find great comfort in scouring the internet for images that make me feel warm and fuzzy. I've recently discovered Pinterest [still awaiting my invitation!] and get completely addicted to scrolling through pages upon pages of beautiful, inspiring photos. So I have a lot to share here on this humble, little blog of mine.

So for now I will return to my blog, as I am not that girl who loses interest anymore. The things I choose for myself will be important to me. I am committed to this little blog and it doesn't matter to me how many people read. I really enjoy writing these little snippets and sharing my favourite photos and creations.

PS - I added a little icon on the right hand side for my furniture business - Ragged Birch! Check it out and 'like' it on facebook.



  1. Welcome back Kris :) I know how you feel, must be a winter thing. I haven't blogged in ages either, I don't feel like I've made much progress in the home department :P Hope you're well!

  2. Yeah, winter is definitely a big fat downer. Oh well. Thanks for the pinterest invite! Can't wait to get started. When you do make some progress on the house, post some pics. I really want to see :)