Backyard: Then and Now

When we first moved into our little unit, I had one look at the backyard and cringed.  It was very small. The lack of plants and trees made me sad.  There was an eyesore for a shed, and bland paving stones made up the too-small patio.  I thought it would take forever for the the trees to grow big and lush; the way a backyard should be.

I had no problem with it being so small.  I knew we could work with it and make a cozy space we loved spending time in.  Slowly we added some new greenery; an olive tree and some crawlers to the back fence.  Sooner or later everything else began to flourish.

This is what we started with 4 years ago.

And here it is today!

Last summer we decided we needed to do something more drastic.  So, we decided to build a deck, a new shed and a veggie garden.

The Progression
First up: A completely necessary 2ft extension of the patio.

The perfect chevron decking boards.

Nice Bum, where ya from?

Who is this man I married?  Doctor / Handyman extraordinaire!

There is nothing like being able to grab fresh veggies and herbs from the garden.

Long, sunny afternoons are spent here. And so are chilly evenings in front of a warm outdoor fire. This tiny space has now become an extension of our home.


  1. Hi Kris! Hope you're well! What a transformation! I love the chevron decking, I am going to pin your pics for inspiration :) I have the problem of a long narrow backyard that doesn't get much direct sun, so my annual attempt at growing veggies is never very fruitful (excuse the pun hehe!). Nate is a keeper with those handyman skillz :P

    1. Jacqui! Thanks for your kind words, it was a lot of work (mostly on Nate's part) but well worth it! Thanks for pinning :)
      Have you done anything to your backyard, or are you planning to? Aside from a garden, of course. The rest of your place is looking great so far. Love the living room :)

    2. Sorry for the late reply! I think I'd like to deck over my whole backyard...the ground isn't level at the moment so I think a deck is the best solution and can go right over the ugly concrete. I just need to convince my dad to build it for me :) Happy new year! xx

  2. Wow you've transformed the yard! I too love the chevron deck and a veggie patch...very jealous!! Was lovely to meet you at Blogshop. I'm following you on GFC - check out my blog and follow me back. We can see all the new little tricks we add!!